Chicagoland Skydiving Center - True Professionals From Illinois

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Chicagoland Skydiving Center - True Professionals From Illinois

Although the decision to leave the hometown wasn't easy, the business moved to Rochelle, Illinois during the winter of 2010 and invested over $2 million in brand new, purpose-built facility at Rochelle Municipal Airport to further evolve and continue as a professional skydive operation. The 20,000 square foot facility now includes a hangar, classrooms, team rooms, private shower facilities, guest lounge, Rock Sky Market gear store, rigging loft, conference room and full-service restaurant (their Flight Deck Bar & Grill was even awarded for the best food in skydiving).

brand-new DZ in Rochelle 

CSC is known for some of the nicest aircraft in the industry, with multiple awards for its Super Twin Otter and PAC 750 XL turbine aicrafts that can take you to 14,000' MSL in no time. The flagship, DHC-6 Twin Otter can take up to 23 jumpers while the latest generation jumpship with powerful 750 shaft horsepower can do 4loads of max.15 jumpers per hour. Sweet!

inside the Otter

Visitors to CSC will also notice the grounds include not only the skydiving facility and restaurant, but an RV park, camping area, spectator courtyard, sand volleyball court, bonfire pit, patio bar and live music stage. Weekly live music performances and seasonal volleyball leagues provide plenty of entertainment for those not already watching the parachutes descend into the main landing area right in front of the restaurant guests.

photo by Will Glynn

As every decent dropzone, CSC offers tandem skydiving as well as solo jumps. One of the worth-to-mention facilities include Freefall University School, focusing on helping people to reach their body flight goals in the sky, and tunnel coaching or leagues held in a partnership with iFLY Chicago. CSC also provides load organizers on weekdays and weekends, discount Wednesdays for experienced jumpers and brings in specialty aircraft during events.

iFly wind tunnel

What sets CSC from other dropzones is perfect student safety record, approach to gear and aircraft maintenance and a focus on guest experience to name a few. Owner Douglas Smith and his leadership team guide the CSC staff to success each season, with continued growth. Annual events like the Independence Boogie, Skydiving for MS, Sisters in Skydiving, a breast cancer fundraiser, wingsuit competitions, CRW boogies, freefly skills camps and more provide something for everyone.  Check them out.

The Grand Opening Independence Boogie, photo by Becky Johns

Galery Photos: © CSC & below photographers:

1 - CSC
2 - CSC
3 - April Schuldt
4 - Dan Kluge
5 - Dan Kluge
6 - Chad Hermes
7 - Javier Buzz
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9 - Mikey Squires
10 - Steve Kaufman
11 - Steve Scheller
12 - Will Glynn

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