Skydive Kansas - The Longest Running DZ in the Sunflower State

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Skydive Kansas - The Longest Running DZ in the Sunflower State
The year was 1944 when Mr. McCall and Mr. French were present at a The Osage City Council meeting representing the Chamber of Commerce in regard to an airport as, “air was the coming means of transportation……we were slated to be on an air line here and that as there would only be one stop in each county…..we should look into the matter”. If it weren't for those two gentlemen, this largest city in the county would probably never have an airport and most importantly, skydivers their dropzone. Next year, it will be 20th anniversary for Skydive Kansas, the longest running commercially operated dropzone in Kansas history that opened its doors to the public in autumn 1995.

Skydive Kansas, a USPA group member,  opened its doors at the Pomona- Lyndon Airport in 1995 to move to its current current location at the Osage City Municipal Airport, a city-owned public-use airport located one mile east of Osage City. Since then, over 42,534 times, humans have taken flight over beautiful northeast Kansas and most importantly have a great fun. Run by Jen Sharp, a certified USPA AFF instructor & course director, Strong Tandem Master and FAA Master parachute rigger with 3,500 jumps under her belt, she and the crew offers thrilling jumps at 12,000 feet out of their colorful Cessna U206F aptly called "The Shark".

Cessna U206F jump plane AKA "THE SHARK!" can hold up to six jumpers

Tally marks -   the first time anyone jumps The Shark, they can mark their tally on her! 

Jen is a programmer by day and she developed an innovative educational supportive program : online Ground School. USPA hired her in 2013 to develop one nationally for any and all student to novice skydivers! Access it free at SkydiveSchool.org. Not only you get access to the information needed for solo jumping, but also modules that help you earn your first USPA license and your intermediate license: packing, canopy drills, advanced phases, and more. Check it out.

Jen Sharp

over the DZ

tandem training

The DZ is open weekends year round and some summer weekdays, offer tandem, assisted as well as couched jumps, provide gear rental, educational programs, certified courses and student trainings. The area have some excellent facilities such as a huge Carpeted Indoor Packing Area or a hot shower. You can walk-in but can save some money if you schedule ahead.

Skydive Kansas having fun. Check their upcoming events & boogies here 

More information can be found at their website so check it out!

Contact & Location

1613 East Laing
Osage City, KS 66523

The DZ is located on the East side of Osage City at the airport on the South side of Highway 31 in the red hangar.

Photos: © Skydive Kansas

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