Skydive the Beach and Beyond

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Skydive the Beach and Beyond
Australia boasts some of the best beaches on the planet. With literally hundreds of beautiful beaches all over the place, Australia offers everything from spellbinding coves and bays to coral coasts and iconic surf spots. But you can't appreciate their entire beauty unless you view them from above. The easiest and by far the funniest way to experience those breathtaking views is to skydive over them and Skydive the Beach and Beyond can make that happen. Offering skydiving packages across Australia, you would not probably find better crew for the job. Read on.

With skydiving passion in their bloodlines the story dates back to 1998 when as they put it " the company was founded by a pair of degenerate young mates," the Skydive the Beach and Beyond has grown from a small beachfront operation in Wollongong NSW using a single six-seater Cessna 206 to a skydiving company with thirteen premium drop zones Australia wide – and more planned. So let's have a look what this company has in store for you, adrenaline freaks!

Australia's Most Beautiful Drop Zone

One of the thirteen drop zones that stands out from the rest is the Airlie DZ located in the Whitsunday Region, home to not only Australia's number one beach but according to several publications, also the fifth best beach in the world. From the incredible altitude of up to 14,000 feet, you'll see incredible coastal views of the Great Barrier Reef, Whitsunday Islands, and North Queensland, freefalling over 220 km/hr for 60heart-stopping seconds over crystal clear waters and green, picturesque landscape. Skydiving Airlie Beach just doesn’t get any better.

Feeling like Going up to 15,000 ft?

If you want to go higher, check Skydive the Beach and Beyond's Sydney-Wollongong DZ. They are now offering tandem beach skydives from the new highest legal altitude of up to 15,000 feet. And that’s the highest you can go without oxygen! So why not to prolong your airtime to enjoy magnificent views of the Royal National Park, Illawarra, Sydney and Wollongong surrounds even longer? Plus, it's Sydney's only beach skydive.

Full Moon Skydiving

If you thought it can't get any better, the Wollongong drop zone has another surprise for you. If you jumped by day and loved it, skydiving at night takes the experience to a whole new level. What's more, 'Gong's' original Night Jumps are held each month around the full moon. Check out the upcoming dates:

December 2014 - Monday 8th
January 2015 - Monday 5th
February 2015 - Monday 2nd
March 2015 - Monday 2nd

The rest of the Skydive the Beach and Beyond's drop zones shouldn't be overlooked too. Each office brings something new and exciting to the table, make sure to check their website to find out which one suits better your skydiving needs. Overall, they are all great!

Photos: © Skydive the Beach and Beyond

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