About us

Welcome to the international Internet portal Adrex.com, the largest global extreme, adrenaline and outdoor sports website. We bring you a completely new look at the three basic dimensions of our planet – Earth, Water, Air – through the activities until recently considered only as a risky entertainment of a small group of freaks.

The activities, that are capable even in today´s hectic and busy time to create an oasis of  a constantly growing community of like-minded people for whom the sports practised on land, in water or in the air, represent the bottomless well of experience, intensive enjoyment and self-knowledge. Get inspired by unique performances in which we sometimes get close to the limits of human possibilities. Find your own path to the surrounding environment and capitalize on  Adrex.com as a useful helper for your adventure trips.

During our ten-year existence we managed to concentrate unique amount of information from the world of extreme, adrenaline and outdoor sports and the content of Adrex.com is growing by dozens of new interesting posts every day. Thanks to our proffesional team from around the world, we put together a brilliant community site that not only unites similarly minded fans of the adventure worldwide, but also offers a huge amount of practical information, useful advice and recommendations of how and with who to do the selected sports.