Kozakov Challenge announces its winners!

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Kozakov Challenge announces its winners!

After a thrilling race, Adam Persson from Sweden won in category OPEN. Czech riders have been extraordinarily successful this year, with Pavel Zajíc winning in category MASTERS, for competitors over 35, and Jakub Rod taking bronze. Vojtěch Žáček takes bronze in Juniors.

In this category, Know Heslop takes gold and the fastest woman is Emily Pross. Luge was dominated by unrivalled Mikel Echegaray Diez. Czech rider Andrej Ilič rode the all way to the small final, coming fifth!

In category OPEN, the best Czech riders were Vašek Čvančara and Jakub Rod, placed among the top 32. Here you can see all the heats.

Final results - OPEN

1. Adam Persson

2. Thiago Gomes Lessa

3. Carlos Paixão

4. Aaron Hampshire


1. Emily Pross

2. Susan Heine

3. Cassandra Duchense

4. Lyde Begue


1. Knox Heslop

2. Edward Kiefer

3. Vojta Žáček

4. Tristan Cardillo


1. Mikel Echegaray Diez

2. Abdil Mahdzan

3. Kolby Parks

4. Alexandre Cerri Machado


1. Pavel Zajíc

2. Pete Connolly

3. Jakub Rod

4. Benjamin Hay

Kozákov Challenge took place on 19-23rd July at Kozákov hill near Turnov, with 220 competitors from 23 countries, including Brazil, USA, Korea or Russia.

All week long, the race was observed and filmed by 3heads, a team of cameramen, who also shot and edited the race in the previous years. Final rides were filmed with 6 movie cameras, including one mounted on a professional drone. More material has been brought by the competitors and their teams. Stay tuned for the result of their work that will be published exclusively on Adrex!

The site on Kozákov hill below the observation tower provided the option to try half-pipe or slack lines of various length, as well as two bars and a tent with a refreshment point.

The night decoration of the winners gradually transformed into a big party which, unlike in the previous years, could be also joined by all the riders (photographs taken at the party are subject to "censorship" ;)

The team of organizers now have to pack everything and clean Kozákov up. That will surely not be an easy thing to do.

Finally, we must thank the organizing team!

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