Terms of Use of the Website

You are on the website adrex.com operated by company

Adrex.com Limited, with registered office Gloucester Road 178, 9999 Wanchai, Hong Kong

registered under No 2268431 in the Commercial Register maintained by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China

Delivery address: Adrex.com Limited, Gloucester Road 178, 9999 Wanchai, Hong Kong

Telephone number: +420 777 704 464

e-mail: adrex@adrex.com

(hereinafter referred to as the “operator”)

Please note that regardless of whether you register on the website, publish your content there or you only visit it, it is necessary to follow the rules stated below, which define and specify the terms of use of all the functional parts of the website.

1.Features of the website

1.1. The website serves for viewing and publication of articles, photographs, locations, events and other content relating to the field of extreme sports. Forum is further available on the website. Contribution to the forum is subject to the applicable operator rules.

1.2. All features of the website (including the access to the client section) may be used only by those, who are registered on the website. Registration and access to the website, including use of all parts of the website, are free of charge.

2.Registration on the website

2.1. You can register on the website by filling the registration form which is available on the website. You must fill the required information into the registration form, especially your name, surname and the contact e-mail. The new user account is created by the registration.

2.2. To access the user account a username (e-mail) and a password is required. Keep the access data to the user account in secret. The operator is not responsible for any misuse of the user account by a third party.

2.3. Information provided within the registration must be truthful and complete. We are authorised to delete an account, created with false or incomplete data, without any compensation.

2.4. In case of change of your user details we recommend their change in the user account without undue delay.

2.5. Through the user account you can primarily publish your own content, comment on the content contributions, contribute to the forum and manage the user account. Any other features of the user account are always stated on the website.

2.6. Please note that we have the right to delete your user account without any compensation, if violation of good manners, valid legal regulation or these Terms occurs via your user account.

3. Insertion of content into the website and licence arrangement

3.1. Through your user account you can insert your own content into the website. When inserting the content, it is necessary to comply with the instructions of the operator stated on the website (especially with regard to the extent, definition and other technical requirements for the content contributions). Inserted content must be related to the field, which the website is focused on, i.e. extreme sports.

3.2. Licence arrangement. If you insert your own content protected by your copyright (texts, photographs, videos or other content) on the website, you grant the operator a free of charge, non-exclusive, geographically unlimited licence to use of this content. The licence in limited in time to duration of the copyright to the content. Under this licence the operator is entitled to present your content on the website, on social networks, in printed promotional materials or in other similar way, and for purposes of presentation of operator´s services. If your content is used in any way, you are entitled to be mentioned as an author. The operator reserves the right to make editorial adjustments and changes of your content.

3.3. The operator is not obliged to use a granted licence. The licence continues in case of the deletion of your user account. If you want to terminate the licence, it is necessary to send a written notice to the operator (to the delivery address or e-mail address). The operator will then stop use of your content (with the exception of materials which are already drawn up or which cannot be disposed of without substantial costs of the operator).

3.4. By publishing the content, you declare, that you are the author, the holder of the respective licence (which would allow publishing on the website), or that the author gave the consent with making its work public in accordance with Section 11 par. 1 of the Act no. 121/2000 Sb., the Copyright Act, as amended (hereinafter referred to as the “Copyright Act“).

3.5. In case your appearance is captured in the content inserted by you (especially in a photograph), you give the consent with distribution of your image according to Section 85 par. 1 of the Act No. 89/2012 Sb., the Civil Code, as amended. In case the content captures appearance of other persons as well, you declare that you have been given the consent of other shown persons with distribution of their images. Your consent with use of your personal image according to this article is revocable at any time. In that case the photograph will be removed from the website without undue delay. Photographs are subject to the protection of personal data according to the Article 5 of these Terms.

3.6. The operator is not responsible for the content inserted by individual users. If the operator is notified that the content inserted by a user infringes legislation or any rights of third parties, such content will be removed without undue delay.

3.7. In case you have inserted content without having all rights required by this Article 3 and/or applicable legislation, and the operator incurred any damage as a result of such insertion (including the costs of the legal representation), the operator has the right to seek compensation in full for such damage from you. The operator has in such case also the right to delete or block your user account without any compensation.

4. Copyright protection

4.1. The content placed on the website (texts, photographs, videos, images, logos etc.), including the software and these Terms, is protected by the copyright of the operator and may be protected by other rights of other persons. You are forbidden to modify, copy, reproduce, distribute or use the content for any purposes without the consent of the operator or a copyright holder. In particular it is forbidden to make available any photos and texts placed on the website without the consent of the operator.

4.2. The names and designations of products, goods, services, firm and company names can be registered trademarks of their respective owners.

4.3. In case you should not respect the above stated prohibitions the operator will proceed in accordance with the Copyright Act. The operator as the copyright holder has especially the right to demand refrainment from interference with our copyright and to require the removal of an unauthorized copies of the protected content.

4.4. Furthermore, the operator has the right to seek an adequate compensation (in form of an apology or monetary compensation) and/or damages for caused harm (including the possible costs of the legal representation). Instead of the actual loss of profit the operator is entitled to require restitution of unjust enrichment in the amount equal to the twofold of the usual price for the licence.

5. Protection of personal data

5.1. Within the registration on our website you are providing the operator some of your personal data. Furthermore, using of the website leads to gaining, preservation and processing of additional data which we have access to. By entering your personal data and by using the website you are granting your consent with processing and gathering of your personal data in the further stated range and for further stated purposes, until you make a statement of disagreement with such processing of your personal data.

5.2. Who controls and processes your personal data?

The controller of the personal data in the meaning of Act No. 101/2000 Sb., on the protection of personal data, as amended is the company Adrex Group a.s., ID No.: 02054434, with its registered office at Rohanské nábřeží 671/15, Karlín, 186 00 Prague 8, the Czech Republic, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, File No. 19328 (hereinafter referred to as the “controller”). The controller is registered at The Office for Personal Data Protection under the registration number _________.

5.3. What are the personal and other data?

Personal data are the data which you are voluntarily providing us when completing your registration. Personal data means any and all information that identifies or can identify a specific person. Personal data are particularly, but not exclusively name, surname, photograph, date of birth, e-mail address and home address.

The other data which we automatically obtain in connection with using of the website are IP address, browser and device type, type of operating system, time and number of accesses of the website, information gained via cookie files and other similar information. Please note that we can obtain the other data without registration on the website.

5.4. How does the controller use personal and other data?

We provide you mainly with an access to your account, insertion of content into the website and the easiest way of using of the website through the personal and the other data.

Furthermore, we use the data for communication regarding administration of your account and user support. Data can be used also for improvement of services of the operator, including the use of an analysis of behaviour of users of the website.

The data can be used with your consent for business and marketing purposes, i.e. maintaining of the database of users of the website and offering goods and services for an indefinite period. By choosing the appropriate option within the registration you are granting a consent with receiving commercial communications by all electronic means.

Your consent with receiving the commercial communications and an electronic mail for the purpose of direct marketing can be withdrawn at any time by sending an e-mail to the contact e-mail address of the operator.

5.5. How does processing of your personal data work?

The controller may authorise a third party with processing your personal and other data as a processor.

Obtained personal and other data are fully protected against the abuse.

Personal data will be processed for an indefinite time period. Personal data will be processed automatically in an electronic form or non-automatically in a printed form.

The controller does not transmit your personal data to any other person (with the exception of possible external processors).

5.6. What rights do you have in connection with the personal data?

You have the right to access your personal data and the right for information about their processing (information about the purpose of the processing, information about the sources of the data and information about the recipient). You will be provided with such information upon your request without undue delay. You also have the right to correction of your personal data and other legal rights related to the data.

The controller will remove your personal data from our database upon your written request.

Should you believe that the controller or the processor performs the processing of your personal data contrary to law, you can:

  • - Ask the controller or the processor for an explanation;
  • - Ask the controller or the processor to remedy such situation. In particular it may be blocking, correction, supplementing or liquidation of the personal data.

When protecting your personal data, the controller accommodates your needs the most. However, if you are not satisfied with the arrangement, you have the right to contact relevant authorities, particularly The Office for Personal Data Protection. This provision does not affect your right to contact with your incentive directly The Office for Personal Data Protection.

The controller may require a reasonable compensation not exceeding the necessary costs for providing the information about processing of your personal data.

Supervision of personal data protection is carried out by The Office for Personal Data Protection (http://www.uoou.cz).

The controller as well as potential processors are seated in the Czech Republic.

6. Services of Google and cookie files

The website uses so-called “cookies” for its operation. The website also uses the Google Analytics service and potentially other services provided by Google, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Google"). Use of cookies occurs also during use of such services.

6.1. What are cookies a how do you express your consent with their use?

Cookies are text files saved in a computer or other electronic device of every visitor of the website that allow an analysis of a manner of using of the website.

By ticking a consent box on the website you are granting the consent with using cookies files and also with processing of your data by Google and the operator in the below stated manner and for the below stated purposes.

6.2. What kind of cookies and for what purposes does the website use?

The website uses session cookies, which are automatically deleted when browsing the website is finished. It also uses permanent cookies, which stay in your device until you delete them.

Cookies used by the website are either first-party cookies or third-party cookies.

  • First-party cookies – these cookies are attached to the website domain. First-party cookies are strictly necessary cookies and analytics cookies. They can be session or permanent.
  • Third-party cookies – these cookies are attached to domain different from the website domain. These cookies allow the operator to analyse the website and to show you tailored advertisements. These are functional and advertising cookies.

Specific used kinds of cookies and their purpose:

  • Strictly necessary cookies – these cookies allow navigation on the website and use of the basic features. These cookies do not identify you in any way and they are not personal data.
  • Analytics cookies – these cookies serve for the analysis of use of the website (number of visits, time spent on the website and other similar information). Data acquired by using these cookies are anonymous.
  • Functional cookies – these cookies serve for personalization of the content by remembering login information, geolocation and etc. Gathering and processing of personal data may occur when using these cookies.
  • Advertising cookies – these cookies serve for serving targeting advertisements on the website as well as outside it. Gathering and processing of personal data may occur when using these cookies.

6.3. Can you prevent saving the cookie files in your computer?

You can reject using the cookies files by appropriate setting in your internet browser.

Please note that when rejecting the use of the cookies files, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to use all the functions of the website.

6.4. How does Google use data from the cookies?

If you are interested in how Google uses the data provided by us, you can find these information by clicking on the following link: How Google uses data when you use our partners' sites or apps.

7. Other relationships associated with the use of the website

7.1. Please note that in case your residence or your registered office is situated outside of the Czech Republic or if our legal relationship includes any other international element, our relationship is governed by the Czech Law, in particular by the Act No. 89/2012 Sb., the Civil Code, as amended.

7.2. Please note that by clicking on certain links on the website you may exit the website and be redirected to websites of third parties.

7.3. The operator is not liable for errors originating due to interference of third persons into the website or due to its use contrary to its purpose. While using the website you cannot use any mechanisms, software, scripts or other processes which could have a negative impact on its operation, i.e. mainly interfere with the function of the system or unreasonably burden the system; further you cannot exercise any activity, which could allow you or a third person to unlawfully interference or unlawfully use the software or any other parts constituting the website and to use the website or its parts or the software in a way, that would be contrary to its designation or its purpose.

7.4. The operator cannot guarantee an uninterrupted access to the website nor safety and security of the website. We are not responsible for any damage caused when accessing and using the website, including any damages incurred within downloading any data published on the website, a damage caused by disruptions of operation and malfunction of the website, by computer viruses, a damage due to loss of the data, income or unauthorized access to transmissions and data.

7.5. If you commit any illegal or unethical behaviour during the use of the website, the operator is entitled to restrict, suspend or terminate your access to the website without any compensation.

The Terms of Use of the Website are valid and effective as of 16.12. 2015