The 4X Pro Tour Finals: The Final Title Battle between Quentin Derbier and Scott Beaumont

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The 4X Pro Tour Finals: The Final Title Battle between Quentin Derbier and Scott Beaumont
The Belgium's prime 4X track located at the heart of Malmedy Bike Park is pretty amazing. Built in the centre of the forest, the track winds its way through huge berms, multi lines, in between the fest series jumps and into the finish arena. The longest track used on the 4X ProTour, at 60 seconds the final round of the Series was going to be a wild one. Thankfully Quentin Derbier was back from his big crash at 4X World Championships some weeks ago and he was ready to challenge for the overall title - the final title battle between him and Scott Beaumont, who has had an amazing year on the 4X ProTour and was looking to grab the title in Belgium too. Read on to find out who's the 4X King and Queen of 2015.

Words by Chris Roberts: It was really interesting to see the top 4X riders in the world getting used to this track. The high speeds were really challenging the riders. This track had a few riders torn on what bike to use. Hardtails, Enduro bikes and DH bikes were all being used and each one had its pros and cons! By the end of Friday practice was over and it was great to see the riders challenged on a new track that most of them had not ridden before.

Saturday 5th September rolled around and after qualification runs wrapped up it was time to crown the 2015 4X ProTour Champions. The forecast rain was here to stay and the track was getting pretty wild. Bogdan Bondor was one of the riders who made an early exit. Local rider Dimitri Lenaerts, who helped to build the track also went out in the second round. The biggest shock of the day though was Scott Beaumont. "Boom Boom" was knocked out in the quarter finals. His position for the race would end up being 9th. Title challenger Derbier would need 4th or better to seal the title.


The women's final lined up in the gate. Natasha Bradley in gate 1, Lisa Schaub in 2, Hannah Escott in 3 and Michaela Berakova in 4. The gate dropped and Bradley got the holeshot with Schaub close behind. Holding the inside lines Bradley kept her head and led from start to finish to take her second 4X ProTour victory in 2015. Schaub finished 2nd, Escott in 3rd and Berakova in 4th.


1 Bradley Natasha
2 Lisa Schaub
3 Escott Hannah
4 Beráková Michaela
5 Brauer Eva Katharina
6 Roth Marisa

So it was time for the main final and it was clear that 4th for Derbier would be enough as he'd take the overall by 13 points from Beaumont. Riders lined up in following order: Derbier in 1, Nielson in 2, Waldburger in 3 and Last in 4. The gate dropped and the riders were level. Into turn 1 Last took the lead. Through the esses, Derbier drew alongside Waldburger but the pass didn't stick. Nielson was quick to make the move and was into 2nd. Last rode a faultless lap and took his first ever 4X ProTour win ahead of Nielson, Waldburger and Derbier.

2015 4X ProTour overall standings:


1st - Helene Fruhwirth
2nd - Michaela Berakova
3rd - Eva Brauer
4th - Natasha Bradley
5th - Natalia Piwowarczyk


1st - Quentin Derbier
2nd - Scott Beaumont
3rd - Simon Waldburger
4th - Hannes Slavik
5th - Benedikt Last

So that was it for the 4X ProTour 2015. A huge thank you goes out to all the riders who continue to support the 4X ProTour, the venues and organisers: Winterberg - Germany, Fort William - Scotland, Szczawno - Poland, Jablonec - Czech Republic and of course Malmedy, Belgium. The dates and venues for the 2016 4X ProTour will be announced in the next few weeks so keep your eyes out to see where we will be racing in 2016. Finally, thanks to the 4X fans around the world for reading our race reports and watching our films. It is the support of you guys that makes the 4X ProTour such a great race series.

Photo Credit Christian Donner

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