2014 Formula Kite Asian Championships is a Wrap

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2014 Formula Kite Asian Championships is a Wrap

After both men and women fleet racing had completed the required 3 races each to qualify the event as an international championship, the first to be held in the Gulf region, late winds allowed for final day races to close the championship .

Spectators were able to enjoy a spectacular scenes on the Qanat Quartier beach, The Pearl Qatar, when kites began to fly, transforming the sky into a rainbow of colours. With music flowing, beach games in action, and the addition of Kiteboard races, the scene was all set, ready for everybody to enjoy  splendid afternoons till sunsets.

Although the winds were extremely light ranging from 6-8knots only, meaning riders had to be extremely technical with their riding skills, everybody gave its best. Narapichit Pudla of Thailand was crowned the Asian Champion after the 6 day event, with Oliver Bridge of England sweeping the podium with 1st positions in the Men’s Open fleet, Under 21 fleet and Under 18 Fleet. The ladies event saw a close battle between Russian Elina Kalinina and Brit Steph Bridge, with Elina clinching the first position of the ladies Fleet after the tie break.

Formula Kite Asian Championships Final Standings:

1) Oliver Bridge (GBR, North) - 13 points
2 Florian Trittel (SPA, ML/ Elf) - 17 points                           
3) Florian Gruber (GER, Ozone / TMV) - 21 points                          
4) Riccardo Leccese (ITA, ML/Ozone) - 30 points           
5) Mario Calbucci (ITA, TMV/Elf) - 31 points                                

1) Elena Kalinina (RUS, Elf / TMV) - 13 Points
2) Stephanie Bridge (GBR, North) - 13 Points
3) Anastasia Akopova (RUS, ML/Ozone) - 27 Points
4) Astrid Berz (SUI, ML/Ozone) - 36 Points
5) Jade O’Connor (IRL, UC/Ozone) - 36 Points

ASIAN Champion:
1) Narapichit Pudla (Thai, Ozone) - 58 points
2) Osama Shihab (Jorden, Ozone) - 61 points
3) Channon Phrakaew (Thai, North) - 150 points

Formula Kite Asian Championships Highlights

Photos: © IKA

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