Sandstone - The Czech Sandstone Climbing Documentary

4 years ago
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Brand new and exclusive climbing item enters the Adrex.com´s video gallery! We are pleased to include the full version of the documentary film Sandstone, which traces the history of sandstone climbing in the Czech Republic and shows the development of this specific climbing style that is respected even among the current world-class climbers. An author duo of Petr Kaspar and Petr Piechowicz spent more than one year in the sandstone areas of Broumov Rocks, during which they tried and implemented number of innovative filming techniques. This gave rise to a unique images recognized already by several outdoor festivals juries around the world. Indeed, make sure yourself...

Sandstone - Full Movie on Vimeo.com

About the Sandstone:

The documentary film “Sandstone” describes a unique location of sandstone rocks around the Czech Republic city of Broumov. From climbing the “King” it has been a long time. Either in Adrspachu, Teplice Rocks, Ostas or Broumov walls, thousands of new climbing routes have been created with the number rising almost every day. Each has its own story, each with something special. The style of climbing has changed. It has been influenced by climbing trends and the development in climbing equipment. The authors chose the most important routes of the past decades, presenting contemporary climbers Jitka and Lubos Mazl, Dusan Stoupa Janak and Stranik brothers. The film is accompanied by comments of local climbing legends Bohumil Sykora and Tomas Cada that both indelibly mark in the history of sandstone climbing. 

Director, Screenplay: Petr Kaspar
Camera, Screenplay: Petr Piechowicz
Camera: Ondrej Hosek, Vojtech Nedved, David Agner, Jarek Plesar