Snow Bike Festival 2019

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Snow Bike Festival 2019

January 24 to 27, 2019, Gstaad (SUI)

Hundreds of riders gathered in the prestigious town of Gstaad for the annual Snow Bike Festival, which covers a distance of 130km of snow-covered trails and nearly 4000m of climbing in the breath-taking Swiss Alps. The first stage started at the top of the Rinderberg, surrounded by a backdrop of mountains, clouds and snowy trails. Riders made their way up with the cable car and embraced the majestic sights from the top. This new addition to the race, ensured thrilling speeds of up to 64km/h by pro riders approaching the town of Zweisimmen from the downhill. Throughout the day the weather lined up with the scenery to contribute to a spectacular cycling day.

Downhill at the Rinderberg was so interesting that I totally forgot to freeze. First the sun, then the unbelievable view, then shredding it through the fog… It could not have been better.” Quetsch Franz – Snow Bike Festival Participant
On the second stage of the race, riders started out at Gstaad’s Promenade. Cyclists headed over to the Saane river and followed the trails to the historical village of Saanen. The last day, the weather ensured a dynamic element for the riders which made the stage more challenging. Since the weather conditions have such an impact on the riding conditions, it is an outdoor adventure that can “hardly be planned for”. This is exactly the type of adventures our riders are looking for.

In the men’s category, Ramon Lauener dominated throughout the entire event to ultimately take the general classification win with a 3min gap ahead of Raphael Gagne. David List in the third place with 3m28s behind Ramon Lauener. Rieder Nadine was the leading lady at the end, despite a bad start at the prologue. She managed to catch on to Elisabeth Osl, who was in the leading position throughout the entire race. Paula Gorycka came third. Every year the Snow Bike Festival continues to grow as a winter sport and introduces exciting new challenges and experiences to the race for participants from all over the world.

UCI Women Category (Top5)

1. Nadine Rieder(GER)

2. Elisabeth Osl (AUT)

3. Paula Gorycka (POL)

4. Jaqueline Mourao (BRA)

5. Chrystelle Baumann (SUI)

UCI Men Category (Top5)

1. Ramon Lauener (SUI)

2. Raphael Gagne (CAN)

3. David List (GER)

4. Ursin Spescha (SUI)

5. Joris Ryf (SUI)

non UCI Women Category

1. Judith Locher (SUI)

2. Nicky Booyens (RSA)

3. Dalany Watkins (GBR)

non UCI Men Category (Top5)

1. Simon Kistler (SUI)

2. André Morier (SUI)

3. Steve Reichenbach (SUI)

4. Martin Heynen (LUX)

5. Stijn Delagaye (BEL)


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