O´Neill Europa Cup 2018

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O´Neill Europa Cup 2018

On Saturday, March 31, 2018, Pec pod Sněžkou hosted the O´Neill Europa Cup 2018, the grand finale of the FIS Europa Cup. 35 riders from all over the Europe, including countries like Austria, Slovenia, Ukraine, Spain, Andora, Denmark, Finland, Italy and Czech Republic, represented by the highest number, came to compete for the freeskiing crown.

However the weather forecast for Saturday was not good for competitive freeskiing, the reality was much better in the end. The fog hovered high above, not coming down to blanket the snowpark. The visibility, therefore, was good and there was no wind. The trail was comprised of rails and two jumps, one 13 and the other 16 metres long.

Women were dominated by Maria Elisa Nakab from Italy, who also became the absolute winner of this year’s FIS Europa Cup, followed by Diana Dyakiv from Ukraine and another Italian, Sophia Insam.

The absolute winner in Men was Samuel Baumgartner from Austria, reaching the limits of the snowpark in Pec pod Sněžkou – Double-Cork 1080 High Safety with Double-Cork 1260 Seatbelt. Taken by Šimon Bartík, the silver position pleased the numerous Czech audience. Ian Rocco from Italy came third, becoming the ultimate winner of this year’s FIS Europa Cup.


1. Samuel Baumgartner (AUT)

2. Šimon Bartík (CZE)

3. Ian Rocco (ITA)

4. Charles Aguareles (AND)

5. Thibault Magnin (ESP)

6. Robin Holub (CZE)

7. Radek Palkoska (CZE)

8. Vojtěch Břeský (CZE)


1. Maria Elisa Nakab (ITA)

2. Diana Dyakiv (UKR)

3. Sophia Insam (ITA)

4. Barbora Nováková (CZE)

5. Kateryna Kotsar (UKR)

6. Růžena Čermáková (CZE)

7. Agáta Christophová (CZE)

8. Isabela Kyselová (CZE)


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