• Great Blue Hole, Lighthouse Reef, Belize
    1 year ago
    The easternmost part of the Belize Barrier Reef is home to a rare natural phenomenon, one of the most popular diving spots in the Caribbean, the Great Blue Hole. Not so completely hidden jewel inside... read more
  • Cape Maeda Scuba Diving, Okinawa, Japan
    Okinawa Island, Japan
    1 year ago
    Maeda Point is the most famous scuba-diving destination on the main Okinawa island. It offers extensive, preserved coral plantations surrounded by a rich underwater life. Entering deeper waters at the bottom of the Maeda drop-off... read more
  • Montague Island Diving, New South Wales
    3 years ago
    Montague Island is a popular scuba diving destination, known for its underwater wildlife. It is a great location for whale watching and seeing dolphins or penguins in the wild but especially renowned for the seals.... read more
  • Cenote Angelita Diving, Tulum, Mexico
    3 years ago
    Cenote Angelita (“Little Angel”) is a 200 feet (60 m) deep typical Mexican „cenote“ (cave) located about 15 minute drive south of Tulum. It is a must do for both advanced divers and freedivers who... read more
  • Sint Eustatius Diving, Statia Island
    3 years ago
    Statia, officially known as Sint Eustatius, is a Caribbean island with area of only 21 square kilometers. It is located north of the better known islands of St.Kitts and Nevis. It is a special municipality... read more
  • Bimini Atoll Diving, South Bimini Island
    4 years ago
    No wonder the Bimini Atoll was nicknamed a „Fishing Capital of the Bahamas“. It is the westwrnmost part of Bahamas Islands, therefore also the closest point of the islands to USA. As it stands rather... read more
  • Mermet Springs Diving, Southern Illinois
    4 years ago
    Mermet Springs is an 8.5 acre spring-fed quarry located deep in Southern Illinois, USA, that has been growing in popularity with divers coming from all over the Midwest since 1996. The site offers several submerged... read more
  • Jacob´s Well Diving, Wimberley, Texas
    4 years ago
    Jacob's Well is a karstic spring and one of the longest underwater cave systems in Texas which offers a perfect freediving and scuba diving experience. It is a part of the Jacob’s Well Natural Area... read more
  • Jack Travers Sunset Lakes Water Skiing, Groveland, Florida
    4 years ago
    Jack Travers Sunset Lakes is a renowned US water skiing training center and school located just 40 minutes west from downtown Orlando, Florida, USA. Sunset Lakes are three private man-made lakes with 18 distinctive lots... read more
  • Athens Scuba Park Diving, Texas
    4 years ago
    Athens Scuba Park is an excellent Scuba, Rescue and Technical Diving training lake located in the city of Athens, Texas, USA. It is one of the few in the world as it offers brilliant spring-fed... read more