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  • Kozakov Challenge 2017
    Kozakov Challenge 2017
    3 hours ago
    Hill Kozákov near the town of Turnov, the highest peak of Bohemian Paradise (Český ráj), does not stand out with its height of 744 metres above the sea level. It is mainly known by tourists... read more
  • JEŠTĚD SkyRace® 2017
    JEŠTĚD SkyRace® 2017
    3 months ago
    On Saturday, April 15, Czech sky-running season was open by a big event. From early morning, runners were gathering below the peak of Ještěd, to reach the number of over 500, including all the top... read more
  • Kozakov Challenge 2016 - video
    Kozakov Challenge 2016 - video
    10 months ago
    In July, hill Kozákov is a traditional host of a world cup series race. From the total number of six events in the series, only two take place in Europe. Now you... read more
  • 33rd International Festival of Mountaineering Films - video
    33rd International Festival of Mountaineering Films - video
    10 months ago
    The Fest or, if you want, The International Festival of Mountaineering Films, attracting mountaineering and other outdoor sports enthusiasts to “Adršpach“ at the end of August (August 25 - August 28, 2016) is now just... read more
  • JEŠTĚD SkyRace® 2017
    JEŠTĚD SkyRace® 2017
    4 months ago
    New races are usually not sold out long time before they start. Ještěd SkyRace managed to do that last year. This year, the race has been announced as a Czech Championship in SkyRace, divided in... read more
  • Kozakov Challenge announces its winners!
    Kozakov Challenge announces its winners!
    12 months ago
    After a thrilling race, Adam Persson from Sweden won in category OPEN. Czech riders have been extraordinarily successful this year, with Pavel Zajíc winning in category MASTERS, for competitors over 35, and Jakub Rod taking... read more
  • Adrenalin Challenge Race 2017
    Adrenalin Challenge Race 2017
    2 months ago
    Adrenalin Challenge – I can feel the life pulsing in my veins!   Along with its accompanying programme, the legendary Adrenalin Challenge in Děčín is an only adrenaline sports event open... read more
  • FISE World Chengdu is Back!
    FISE World Chengdu is Back!
    1 year ago
    The FISE World Chengdu is back for a second edition in 2015 in a new location in the capital of southwestern China's Sichuan province. The event and its infrastructures will be indeed located in Nan... read more
  • Soldiers of Downhill 2015
    Soldiers of Downhill 2015
    1 year ago
    Every year luge and skateboard athletes travel from all around the world for an opportunity to race down a classic race course with unique features that are unmatched by other courses. Hosting luge and skateboard... read more
  • Skateistan Continues to Expand
    Skateistan Continues to Expand
    1 year ago
    Skateistan had an exciting year in 2014. Girls and boys are now able to skate outdoors for the first time with the opening of their new skate plaza in Mazar-e-Sharif. Pro skater Jamie Thomas visited... read more