• Paragliding Montana, USA – Andy Macrae
    Paragliding Montana, USA – Andy Macrae
    5 years ago
    Based in one of the main gateways to Yellowstone National Park, this Paragliding school is committed to bringing the absolute best instruction and free-flying experiences to the state of Montana, whether it be a tourist... read more
  • Paragliding Miraflores – Lima, Peru
    Paragliding Miraflores – Lima, Peru
    5 years ago
    LIMA - Paragliding You can experience coastal desert ridge soaring and urban flying amongst Lima’s tangle of skyscrapers. recommends: The flights are realized in the cliffs of the Green Coast of Miraflores, Lima .... read more
  • Frequent Flyers Project - Paragliding with a Cause
    Frequent Flyers Project - Paragliding with a Cause
    3 years ago
    Traveling for an extended period of time, especially with a wing, harness, and a reserve parachute, clearly deviates from the ordinary. There is always the question of weight, bulk... But for all that, traveling with... read more
  • 3 years ago
    One of the best training days - Mengusovska valley - High Tatras (Slovakia) ... read more
  • Brett Hazlett's Alpine Hyperlapse
    Brett Hazlett's Alpine Hyperlapse
    3 years ago
    It was last year when Canadian competition pilot Brett Hazlett had an accident in Turkey, finding himself lying on the side of a ten-thousand-foot desert mountain, unable to move, struggling to breath. He's a tough... read more
  • The Helm: Celebration of Freestyle Flying
    The Helm: Celebration of Freestyle Flying
    3 years ago
    The XVI International Air Festival 2015 "The Helm" is one of the main free-flying event in Europe. The event is annually held in gorgeous setting that extends around Sierra de Segura, a small village in... read more
  • Mad Speed Flying - Sliding a Chairlift Cable
    Mad Speed Flying - Sliding a Chairlift Cable
    4 years ago
    This is crazy. We found a video of a French skier, Valentin Delluc, who likes to combine skiing and paragliding described as a Speed Flying or Speed Riding. We have seen some great footage of... read more
  • Fly High Paragliding
    Fly High Paragliding
    4 years ago
    Carlos Madureira is owner and head instructor of Arizona´s Fly High Paragliding. He is originally form Brasil, where he first saw paragliding in 1980s. He knew instantly that this was the sport he dreamed about.... read more
  • 4 years ago
    Tim Pentreath has been paragliding since 1989. Over the years he has flown in a number of competitions – BPC and British Opens – and last year (2013) he flew in both rounds of the... read more
  • 4 years ago
    In this amazing video Austrian paragliders from TeamFreestyle perform synchro paragliding acrobatic. Two pilots start to make Deep Spirals in front of each other, around the same turning center. As the spiral accelerate, the gliders... read more