• 5 years ago
    Two paraplegic veterans, members of the WheelsUp program that’s training disabled people to paraglide, made a trip to Elings Park for a number of solo flights from Santa Barbara’s world-class launch site. This is their... read more
  • Touch - Amazing Video by Jean-Baptiste Chandelier
    Touch - Amazing Video by Jean-Baptiste Chandelier
    5 years ago
    The young Frenchman loves flying. He flies many different places around the world. He has started from his 19 years and has become a professional paraglider since. He is involved in the development of technologies... read more
  • Excellent Paragliding in North Wales - Conwy and Clwydian range
    Excellent Paragliding in North Wales - Conwy and Clwydian range
    5 years ago
    On fine days flights from most sites take you into and over the beautiful green mountains. To go paragliding here, you need an extra permission from the local guides. therefore recommends using advice of... read more
  • 5 years ago
    Tomy has always felt an an attraction to be outside and combine Nature, Spirit and Outdoor Sports. Since he was a child, he was taught rockclimbing, has done several Trekkings to Tepuys and other Mountains,... read more
  • Red Bull X-Alps - July 7th 2013
    Red Bull X-Alps - July 7th 2013
    5 years ago
    The organizers of the 2013 Red Bull X-Alps have announced the route that will see 32 athletes from 21 countries race across the Alps on July 7th. The Red Bull X-Alps is the world's toughest... read more
  • 5 years ago
    ''Infinity Himalaya'' is a documentary about two Acropilots who embark on an adventure to set a new world paragliding record, amongst the Himalayan peaks of Nepal. Watch Horacio Llorens and Veso Ovcharov as they launch off,... read more
  • Trekking in Nepal
    Trekking in Nepal
    1 month ago
    Trekking in Nepal is delighted to welcome you tiny but amazing country. Natures to renew one’s own self regard to relive of beauty realize of Nepal Tour to interact with its generous friendly peoples are highlights of Nepal Trekking and... read more
  • Treks Himalaya
    Treks Himalaya
    1 month ago
    Treks Himalaya an indoor outdoor trekking in Nepal and tours operative company takes you that further way to guarantee you has a memorable trip that you have been dream with Treks Himalaya is part of... read more