Underground 2013 - Cave Diving Video

5 years ago
Scuba Diving
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Underground 2013 is a global journey visiting a diversity of breathtaking underwater cave systems in Mexico, France, Croatia, and Florida. No particular storyline, just showcasing some of the most beautiful underground locations in the world. Among the underwater caves visited are : Sac Actun, Ponderosa, Dos Pisos, Taj Maha, Angelita, Vukovica Vrelo, Emergence De Ressel, Indian Springs, Devils, Peacock Springs and others.

UNDERGROUND 2013 from JP Bresser on Vimeo.

Models and light support : Jarrod Jablonski, Kirill Egorov, Kyle Harmon, Meredith Tanguay, Jimmy Borg, Dave Staring, Tomasz Stachura, Patrick Widmann, Roger Hovind, Sander Jansson, Anton Van Rosmalen, Andras Kuti, Emir Memic, A-M Bresser. Lennart Kuijs, Chris Le Maillot, Huw Porter, Andrea Marassich, Ettore Molinario

Music : Mobygratis , Steve Jablonsky